Social Housing Development, 24 apartments and 27 houses.

DL Design Studio were commissioned to design a social housing scheme for the central area of the Sherwood Energy Village, a regeneration initiative to transform a 91 acre former colliery in Ollerton, Nottinghamshire. Our involvement included concept design and developed design, then progressing the project to planning, gaining approval following a majority vote.

The layout we created provide street frontages to the crescent, whilst maintaining clear visual permeability through the site to the playground and skate park within the centre (over the old pit entry). Natural surveillance was maintained in all directions using this approach to orientation, but also ensured that there was no overlooking between properties.

The internal layouts of the houses and apartments were designed prioritising the needs of the residents, but we created a model which was replicated and structurally simple in order to maintain project feasibility.
Once planning was obtained, DL Design Studio went on to work with the developer in order to assist with the full scheme delivery. The project was completed 2018 and was shortlisted in the LABC 2019 Building Excellence Awards, Best Social or Affordable Housing Development.