New Family Dwelling

Broadeaves is located within the ground of Newstead Abbey Park, a Grade 1 listed property within the Nottinghamshire Greenbelt. The site consists of an existing dwelling with related garden space, a lake and woodland. The client had a vision of the spaces they required and commissioned DL Design Studio to create a solution within the context of the site.

The design process involved a detailed site study of immediate and surrounding context, historical context and the ambitions of the client. DL Design Studio responded both directly and passively to the immediate environment. We created a design which has presence whilst being contextually sympathetic.

The dwelling will create intrigue and stimulate emotion and maximise the client’s relationship with the surrounding environment. The internal spaces will vary from open and connected spaces to intimate rooms, with all areas being interlinked without the need for corridors. It is hoped that upon completion, the home will lift the benchmark for design within Newstead Abbey Park.

The proposals gained planning approval in 2020 and it is envisaged that the construction works will start 2021.